Apr 23, 2019

Subway hits the highway

Subway Restaurant’s spokesman, Jared Fogle, is celebrating his 10-year anniversary of keeping his weight off and is coming to Fresno State to encourage student awareness of wellness.

Fogle, better known as the “Subway Guy,” lost 245 lbs. after eating a diet mainly consisting of Subway sandwiches. Iconic for inspiring Americans to make healthy choices, especially with food, Fresno State’s Student Wellness Ambassadors decided to invite Fogle to visit campus for the Wellness Challenge’s closing ceremonies on May 1. Fogle is set to be at the Free Speech Area from 11a.m. to noon.

“I’m excited,” Denise Burks, a Wellness Ambassador for the Student Health Center and treasurer of the wellness ambassadors club, said. “It’s a good way to end the Wellness Challenge. He is someone who has included the six aspects of wellness into his life.”

Emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, spiritual and social wellness are the six components of health that the Wellness Challenge seeks to improve for Fresno State students.

“The Wellness Challenge is a 10-week challenge to encourage students to get involved in wellness on campus,” Wellness Coordinator Kathy Yarmo said. “There are many different facets to wellness, not just physical health.”

This is the second year Fresno State has held a Wellness Challenge. Prizes for winners of this year’s Wellness Challenge include a Wii and two travel vouchers to anywhere in the world exclusively for Fresno State students.

With about 800 students involved in this year’s Wellness Challenge, Yarmo and Wellness Ambassadors from the student body are making big plans to end the 10 weeks of wellness.

“Last semester was a huge success,” Brianne Jackson, president of the Wellness Ambassadors club said. “So having Jared come out is a big deal.”

Fogle’s business manager was contacted through Fresno State’s Subway and was invited to come end the Wellness Challenge. Fogle’s visit will be free for Fresno State because Subway is underwriting the cost.

Along with the excitement of Fogle coming to visit Fresno State, the health center received more exciting news after receiving a $30,000 gift from Aetna to open the Aetna Wellness Resource Center on campus. “Wellness and promotion of health and healthy lifestyles is important to us,” Joyce Harris, the health center’s new director said.

With a goal to bring balance to students’ lives, the Wellness Challenge offers prizes for students who register, attend at least three Wellness Challenge activities, and make 10 changes or improvements in their lives from the Well Choice list online at www.csufresno.edu/wellness.

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