May 25, 2019

IRA fee meeting delayed

Students have voted against the Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) fee referendum during the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) election last week, but they could still find themselves paying for the $70 increase to their student fees.

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee, whose purpose is to advise University President John D. Welty regarding establishing, increasing or changing student fees, will be meeting sometime next week in a closed session to make their final recommendation to the president.

The committee voted in favor of placing the referendum on the ballot, and now can advise the president to support the student vote or to go ahead with the increase, anyway.

Welty will then take the committee’s recommendation, as well as any other information and feedback he has gathered on the issue, and make his final decision. In addition to rejecting the proposal outright and signing it as is, he has the ability to change details within the proposal, as well.

“Welty pretty much has the final decision,” said ASI Executive Vice President Stephen Trembley. Trembley is also a member of the committee.

Other members of the committee include ASI President Juan Pablo Moncayo, and three other students approved by ASI. The faculty members are Dean of Student Affiars Paul Oliaro, Chair of the Academic Senate Micheal Botwin and two other faculty members.

The IRA fee referendum would increase student fees by $70 per semester. Athletic would get $50 of the money and the remaining $20 would fund field trips, club activities and other student-related activities on campus.

The committee was supposed to meet Monday to decide on their recommendation, but they decided to delay it for another week, in order to honor a 14-day voting review period in case anyone wanted to challenge the voting results.

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