Oct 15, 2019

Fall 2008 registration

It`s time to begin thinking about Fall 2008 registration!

The Class Schedule is currently available for purchase at the Kennel Bookstore.

Registration appointment times for fall 2008 are now available in your Student Center at http://my.csufresno.edu Check it now and begin preparing for next semester!! Currently enrolled students will have appointment times from April 21 through April 25. Appointment dates are assigned based on class level and units completed, not including units currently in progress.

Follow these procedures to view your appointment time. Login to the portal, select `Student Self Service`, then select `Student Center`. On your Student Center panel under the Heading `Enrollment Dates` you will see your registration date and time. Click `details` to see additional information concerning your registration.

Take time now to check your Holds on your Student Center under the heading labeled `Holds`. Make sure you do not have any obligations that will prevent you from registering for your classes.

Registration Lab: For registration help, there will be a limited number of laptop computers available on the main floor of the University Student Union from April 22 through April 25, from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. There will also be an advisor available to assist you with General Education (GE) advising each day from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Call the HELP Desk at 278-7000 if you have problems logging in.

Verify your classes and grading options: PRINT a copy of your schedule after you register. Re-check your schedule often because the status of a class may change (i.e. time change, cancellation, etc.). It is your responsibility to drop classes you do not intend to keep and to verify your grading options!

Registration/Tuition fees can be paid anytime however, the final deadline date is Friday, July 25. Students will be canceled from all their classes if fees are not received by this date. Use the on-line Smart Pay and E Pay options to pay your fees!

Newly admitted undergraduate students will register for their fall classes when they attend DOG DAYS, New Student Orientation.

Call Admissions and Records at 278-2261 during normal business hours if you have any questions.

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