By now you know that the Fresno State women’s team lost against Baylor.

And you see that the headline’s misspelled.

You also probably know that Fresno State wasn’t on television — even though they were supposed to be.

In many ways, it’s more ridiculous than you might imagine. As would be expected, the NCAA is trying to take zero blame. That’s pathetic. Here’s why.

The NCAA knew that the game was not on television. There was plenty of time to fix the mistake.

In Albuquerque I was sitting next to Matt James, a columnist for the Fresno Bee. He discovered that the game was not on television because of phone calls and probably because of comments on his blog about the game.

“Who’s the SID?” he asked me. SID stands for Sports Information Director.

I told him I didn’t know. So he went to investigate, sometime in the first half.

He came back and told his editor and me that the producer for the NCAA was too busy to talk to him.

Finally, the producer came over in the second half. James explained that the game was not on in Fresno. The producer said that he wasn’t responsible.

They never are.

Supposedly, it was the fault of the cable companies. But I’m guessing that the NCAA has Comcast’s phone number.

Meanwhile, I looked like an idiot when I texted my friends and family to watch the game.

They texted back and told me it wasn’t on.

All it would have been, apparently, is one phone call or one push of a button. The NCAA didn’t want to deal with it.

For all of the wonderful treatment to the media and the women’s basketball team, the NCAA probably messed up the biggest recruiting tool possible for Fresno State.

Even though Fresno State lost, there might be one high school student-athlete out there that could have been watching the game.

Maybe they like the way Fresno State plays. Maybe they don’t.

Maybe they’re being recruited by Fresno State and another school that didn’t make the big dance.

At least that girl had a chance to find out.

It is the NCAA’s problem when a game they promote isn’t on in the market that the team recruits to.

Then again, maybe it’s karma against Fresno State women’s basketball.

I just hope it’s the last sliver of karma, because those girls deserved every second of exposure for the finale of their historic season.

Even if it’s the last two minutes in a 21-point loss.