Dec 14, 2018

Campus Speak

What are you doing for spring break? Do you have any special plans?

“I’ll be going home and just going and doing the projects that I have to do for the coming months. That’s all I’ll be doing. I’ll be trying to spend time with my family.”

Elisa Garcia
Social Work

“Pretty much I’m doing nothing. I’ll be studying for the GRE — I’m trying to get into grad school.”

Alison Tolladay
Mass Communication and Journalism: Public Relations

“I’m just staying at home. I have to work. I took off Christmas break, so I’m giving the people at work some time to take off Easter.”

Sable Green
Pre-Physical Therapy

“I’m on the track team, and we usually have a track meet around that time. So I usually end up staying up here, practicing over the week, and then we have a meet over the weekend. So I think that’s what I’ll be doing for my spring break — track practice.

Charles Williams

“I’ll just be working and catching up on my reading for my classes. I’ll visit my family — nothing too crazy.”

Ashley Williams

“During spring break, I’m basically working — I work for Kim’s Plumbing. I also plan on going up to Sierra Summit and going snowboarding. I’m in the skiing and snowboarding club here at Fresno State.”

Allan Williamson
Business Management

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