Oct 23, 2019

Budget forum Thursday

A budget forum will discuss the governor’s proposed budget cuts of $386 million Thursday, as part of a CSU-wide effort to get students and faculty informed and involved.

The forum will begin at 11 a.m. in the Satellite Student Union, where a panel comprised of members of the university community will discuss how the budget cuts could affect students and faculty.

It will be open to the public and a question-and-answer session will follow the panel discussion.

Attendees will be encouraged to join a CSU-wide grassroots effort to prevent the Legislature from approving the proposed budget cuts.

If the budget cuts are approved, Fresno State could lose $24 million that would result in drastic changes for students and faculty. For current students, losing this funding could mean fewer and larger classes, making it more difficult to get classes and access to professors.

Communications Director for The California Faculty Association, Alice Sunshine said the budget cuts could also result in graduates having more student loan debt because it could take them longer to get their degrees if fewer classes were offered. Fees could also increase by 10 percent.

Sunshine said that the proposed budget cuts would leave lasting impacts on the economy due to the fact that fewer students would have college degrees. She said 10,000 qualified applicants have already been turned away.

“The budget cuts will leave long-term implications on the work force and budget revenue for the state,” Sunshine said. “If they want to solve the budget crisis, this is not the place to cut back.”

Associated Students, Inc. Vice President, Stephen Trembley said the easiest way for students to get involved is by registering to vote and supporting measures that will keep money in the budget for the CSU.

“The forum is an opportunity for students to learn about all the repercussions a budget cut of this size could have and it will give them an opportunity to ask questions,” Trembley said.

Students can also get involved by writing letters to their state representatives that stress the importance of the CSU system to the local and state economies. These letters can even be dropped off at the Associated Students, Inc. office where they will be forwarded to members of the Legislature.

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