Jul 15, 2019

Wireless network expanded

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'This is the first semester I've been able to get a signal in the music building,' said Frank Madrid, who is triple majoring in music education, math education and computer science, as he studied on his laptop in the music building.
Juan Villa / The Collegian

Since its launch in the summer of 2007, the Bulldogs wireless Internet network has continued to expand, and now covers more than 16 buildings throughout the campus.

Not to be confused with the pre-existing Bulldog network, the new Bulldogs network boasts improved security and a connection that is up to five times faster.

Eric McLain, associate director of Information Technology Services (ITS), said that the new Bulldogs network currently overlaps the Bulldog network, but will eventually replace it and stand alone. The deployment of the new network will continue until wireless coverage is available across the campus; a deadline has been set for late 2008.

“The feedback we’ve received from faculty and building techs has been largely positive,” McLain said. “Student feedback has also been positive. However, there are strong desires to have broader coverage across campus.”

In December, the Science I and Engineering East buildings were added to the growing list of areas that can connect to the new and improved network. As ITS continues to broaden wireless coverage, orange signs will be displayed to inform students and faculty that the building now has access to the enhanced network.

Connecting to the new Bulldogs network is no different than the Bulldog network. The network still requires users to log in with their e-mail name and password.

Kevin Urabe, a junior business finance major, said he connects to the wireless network a few times each week to check Blackboard and his e-mail. Urabe said that he noticed two connections available but did not know there was a difference between them.

“I noticed the Bulldogs was slower on Monday,” Urabe said. “I don’t know if it was the amount of users but today it seems pretty quick.”

The installation of the new network is part of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Initiative Project that is intended for the construction of new computer and networking infrastructures on all 23 California State University campuses. This project is funded through the state Major Capital Works fund and the Chancellor’s office.

“A primary reason it’s being deployed is to improve the wireless infrastructure on campus, allowing ITS to take advantage of newer technologies,” McLain said.

The new network has been designed so that it can be used from nearly any area in a building that has been outfitted with wireless access points, McLain said.

The following buildings are now equipped for Bulldogs network: Ag Science, Conley Art, Engineering East, Family/Food Science, Lab School, McKee Fisk, McLane Hall, Music East, Music West, North Gym, Science I, Science II, Speech Arts, Social Science, South Gym and Thomas Administration.

Steven Crocker, a junior criminology major, said that he noticed the changes when he was able to get Internet access in buildings he had been unable to previously.

“Last semester I was able to get Internet more places than I could before,” Crocker said. “Like in the Science II building it used to be sketchy, but now it works good.”

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