Sep 17, 2019

And the next big game is…

Halo 3 took the world by storm, selling 1.25 million copies before it was even released. Now, many other games are trying to compete and get a piece of the cake also.

Robby Jones, a manager at EB Games in Fashion Fair Mall, said the next big game to hit stores will be Rock Band.

A recent Fresno State graduate, Jones, 23, has been working with EB Games for three years. Based on the swarm of fans for Halo 3, Jones knows firsthand what it’s like to have a crowd of eager gamers camping outside of the store.

“I have a feeling that we’re going to have a huge crowd for Rock Band also, but not nearly as much as Halo 3,” Jones said. “It was crazy.”

Rock Band was made by the creators of Guitar Hero, another huge game that released its third edition two weeks ago.

Rock Band allows gamers to perform music with their friends. Up to four players can participate. Players can form a virtual band, using either drum, bass/lead guitar and a microphone for vocals.

Preparation is key when there’s a huge release so that things don’t become too chaotic. Many games stores anticipate the new release rush.

A pre-pay option allows gamers to buy the video game in advance so that when the time comes, they will automatically have their game reserved and ready for pick-up.

“Most game corporations issue the pre-pay option, and that makes it easier on us at the store, so that all we have to do is give the customer the game,” Jones said. “It’s just faster that way.”

How the game is released depends on the company that produced it. Some companies release at midnight while others wait until the store opens the next morning.

James Galle, a manager at Gamestop, said that he thinks the next big game will be Grand Theft Auto IV or Rock Band.

“Grand Theft Auto is going on its fourth edition, and it’s also a big seller, but nothing is going to top Halo 3,” said Galle, a 21-year-old from Merced.

When Gamestop releases a big game, it too has die-hard fans waiting outside, Galle said. Some even set up tents and wait in the freezing cold.

Rock Band is supposed to end up selling like its brother, Guitar Hero, if not better.

“This is probably the biggest gaming release season ever, because there are so many different games coming from different consoles, so it’s like they’re all competing for that spot at the top,” Galle said.

Rock Band hits stores Nov. 23 and is priced at $59.99.

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