Apr 23, 2019

Campus Speak

Registration begins Friday, Nov. 9. Are there any classes you’re worried about getting into? Are there any classes you are just generally worried about for other reasons?

“No, actually, I’ve taken care of most of my classes. I’m only taking two classes next semester. This semester has been pretty tough — in Spanish.”

Silvia Yanez

“I’ve seen the signs around saying when registration starts. I’m not really worried — I’m just taking my general ed classes.”

Moataz Nagi

“For nursing, there are lectures you need to register for and the clinicals are all you have control over. Not all nurses register at the same time, so that’s the most competitive part of the major.”

Nikki Chandler

“It was pretty hard for me to get into my English class. I was hearing different things — you have to go to Dog Days, you don’t have to go. I ended up going to the last session. They made me do the run-around to get in.”

Jackie Galindo

“The schedule that I kind of hammered out is actually probably going to work for me. The only thing is that the 8 a.m. classes are a bit tough for me. I also do theater and we have rehearsals at night —those go kind of late. I don’t get much sleep at night.”

Danielle Jaurena
Communicative Disorders

“The registration process for the nursing program is pretty easy because it’s all regimented — classes have to be taken at a certain time — but it is difficult to get into other classes like ethics and things like that just because they do fill up quickly and you get wait-listed and you need to have them to graduate.”

Adam Paulsen

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