Jul 24, 2019

The One-Finger Salute

Thumbs up to the members of Fresno State’s Army ROTC program who have offered assistance to evacuees of the recent fires in Southern California. We’re proud to see these Bulldogs’ quick and helpful response.

Thumbs down to FEMA for holding a news conference wherein deputy director of the agency, Vice Adm. Harvey Johnson fielded questions from some of FEMA’s own employees. The news conference, which was announced on short notice and so failed to draw any news reporters, has been called even by secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff as “one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I’ve seen since I’ve been in government.” We agree.

Thumbs up to “fun size” candy bars. Even if we eat far more of them than we should, at least we feel better about ourselves for their smaller size.

Thumbs down to Bulldogs fans who failed this weekend’s test in good sportsmanship. Many fans left the game early, and we’ve even heard accounts of Fresno State fans cursing at Boise State on their way out. We think that’s something to boo about.

“The One-Finger Salute” is culled each week from discussions in The Collegian newsroom.

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