Jul 22, 2019

Finding the last parking spot

The overcrowded lots, congested aisles and little bright green envelopes sprinkled all over campus are just a few signs of a new semester at Fresno State.

Hectic traffic the first few weeks of school, students should be prepared in order to avoid parking tickets and missing classes.

“Come early,”said Amy Armstrong,University Police Department Public Information Officer, advised the 20,000 students attending classes.

“Give yourself time to park; give yourself time to walk to class.”

Parking tickets are the most common ticket given out, Armstrong said, often resulting from students being pressed for time.

“Someone will catch you,” Armstrong said.

From her experience, many students receive citations for trying to display last semester’s pass in their windows, while others choose not to purchase a pass at all, she said.

For those wishing to avoid such problems, student/visitor passes can be purchased for $68 at two locations on campus: the cashier’s window at Joyal Administration and the University Police Department office located at the University Student Union.

Students needing only short-term or temporary parking can purchase daily permits for $3 at various kiosks surrounding campus.

University Police staff are also around to hand out daily permits at the start of the semester in order to reduce congestion at the machines.

While parking problems are certainly not new on campus, some new additions are under way to combat them.

One possible solution to relieve parking congestion is the new “photovoltaic” solar-paneled structure being built in Lot V. This structure, in conjunction with Chevron, will help generate electricity for the campus, as well as provide additional parking.

“Nine hundred and sixty-three spaces will be added to Lot V,” Armstrong explained, with a portion of them reserved for staff and faculty to purchase for 24-hour per day use.
“Even with that portion taken out, there will still be more student-parking available than before the structure was built.”

Another new addition underway are the 10-hour parking meters that will be available at the north end of Lot V. While other parking meters on campus only allow a stay of two hours or less, the new meters will better accommodate those taking night classes.

While the additions to Lot V are not expected to be completed until early October, overflow parking will be available at the Save Mart Center except for when events are going on.
Until the projects are finished, following Armstrong’s tips may make your parking experience less stressful.

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