Jun 16, 2019

UPDATE: Fatal shooting near campus

Drew Pfeiff, 22, from Raleigh, N.C., left, walks with a Fresno police officer after he was injured in a shooting incident in Fresno, Calif., Tuesday, May 8, 2007.
Juan Villa / The Collegian

UPDATED: 9:51 a.m.

The search for the suspect in the fatal shooting at University Village continues, and students who live in the complex are returning to the residence where three people were shot, one fatally.

The suspect, Jonquel Brooks, is a Fresno State student majoring in criminology. The victims were all male, and the deceased person was a former Fresno State student. One of the victims is a current student and the other is a pending student. Both faced moderate, non-life threatening injuries and have been released from the hospital.

The suspect failed to turn himself in at 9 a.m. as was negotiated with law enforcement.

Dyer said if the suspect is listening, he would say the following:
“I would tell Jonquel that he is in very serious trouble, that he is wanted for murder, as well as assault with a deadly weapon on two other individuals, that we take that very seriously. We know that he is armed and he is a threat to society, and that he needs to surrender as soon as he possibly can, whether that be with or without his attorney.”

Dyer said Jonquel’s father, who lives in Hayward, is in communication with law enforcement and the suspect. As part of the agreement with law enforcement, the suspect asked that his father be present at police headquarters when he was supposed to turn himself in.

As recently as this past hour, law enforcement has been in communication with the suspect, who said that he was now going to contact his attorney first before turning himself in to police.

“He’s still very nervous,” Dyer said of the suspect.

Residents of University Village were evacuated early this morning to the campus Residence Dining Hall and The Atrium, where they received blankets and food.

Police have not located the firearm at this point, and the suspect is still considered to be armed and dangerous, Dyer said.

“We’ve not located the firearm, and even if we had, this is an individual that has committed a murder and shot two other people, and we consider to him to be very serious and very much a threat.”

Dyer said it’s believed the shooting was the result of the confrontation over a video game.

The police chief said, “It’s sad to say that all of this erupted over some type of dispute over a PlayStation.”

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