Aug 21, 2019

Wearing a cap and gown adds up

By Danelle Brockett
Collegian Staff Writer

Seniors who have put their time in the classrooms at Fresno State and are participating in graduation will make one crucial stop at the Kennel Bookstore before they get their diplomas.

Their degrees feel within reach when seniors head to the bookstore to get fitted for caps and gowns and feel one step closer, once students swipe their credit cards to pay for some of their last expenses at Fresno State.

Senior Amanda Cogdill is one of many students who has opened her wallet for graduation expenses such as announcements, cap and gown, application fees, extra tassels and sashes.

But before seniors even think about buying graduation packages, they had to apply to graduate. Seniors had to pay $35 before the end of February to apply.

Once they are approved to graduate, many seniors head to the bookstore to start purchasing their traditional black gowns.

Last week, bookstore employee Kat Gaolran helped Cogdill size her black gown and pick the right tassel for the college she’s graduating from. Gaolran, 21, asks every senior she helps if they would like to buy a stole of gratitude for $22. The stole is a red sash that honors a person who has helped a graduate through their entire college career.

Without hesitation, Cogdill reached to purchase a stole of gratitude.

“I am giving it to my parents,� Cogdill said. “They’ve helped me get through school, financially.�

Cogdill said her parents are splitting the costs of her graduation expenses with her.

Unlike Cogdill, some students will have to pay graduation fees on their own.

“[Fees] are really not that expensive,� Gaolran said, “but there are a lot of little things to pay for, so I suppose it adds up.�

The item that Gaolran sells the most of is the cap and gown package, which costs $25. The fee includes a black gown, cap, tassel and a free white collar for undergraduate females.

“We have tons of them [white collars], so we’re giving them out,� Gaolran said. “Plus it looks more formal for the girls. The guys wear collared shirts under their gown, so that’s why we only give them to the girls.�

The package fee for grad students is $50, which includes an additional black, white, red and blue hood for the traditional graduate hooding ceremony.

On top of the grad pack, announcements and souvenir tassels, think that’s all of the expenses?

Remember, there are pictures and new outfits, too. But those are optional.

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