Sep 20, 2019

“Green” council to hold celebration at FS Wednesday

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Central California Chapter will celebrate its newly formed chapter at the Downing Planetarium May 2.

“We’re basically having the celebration as a public awareness event,� said Bill Blayney, vice president of the USGBC. “We have presence in the Valley now.�

According the USGBC’s Web site, the group is a 75-chapter group whose purpose is to raise standards in the construction marketplace by keeping buildings sustainable. The council also prides itself on building with the environment and efficiency in mind.

“Building ‘green’ will improve air quality, water quality and quality of life in the area by providing a better
environment to work,� said Hal Johnston, a construction management professor at Fresno State.

“Sustainability has potential to impact both our lives and the design of buildings.�

“Green buildings use half the power of a building comparable size,� said Loren Aiton, the program chair of the Central California Chapter of the USGBC. “We spent 4 percent additional cost to make a green building; it can be less than that or more than that.�

Blayney said the chapter was not only committed to improving construction for the area, but educating the region as well. “We’re there to offer a resource for students already involved in environmental studies and engineering,� Blayney said. “As a prime objective we offer education, and a resource that’s open.�

The USGBC is not only a resource to students but to faculty as well. Both students and instructors alike have shown excitement regarding the event.

“The people that are involved in the USGBC are experts in green building and we need to have them in the classroom,� Johnston said. “Students should go because it gives them the opportunity to meet local experts and leaders in the green building area.�

Matthew McLaughlin, vice president of the construction management honorary fraternity Sigma Lambda Chi, describes the USGBC as “cutting edge.�

“This is a good opportunity for students to have access to information they will have to know in the future,� said Izadel Tolentino, a junior in the construction management program and presidential candidate for Students in Construction. “Once we get into the workforce, we are going to start thinking about how to make buildings more environmentally friendly we have to watch how we use our product.�

The celebration will be held at the Downing Planetarium at Fresno State May 2 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Only guests who RSVP’d may attend the event.

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